"CCSD is in Crisis"


for School Board


District G

Get Involved

There are lots of simple ways to help out my campaign.

Want a Fix Vegas Schools sticker for your car or laptop, or how about a yard sign to display at your home or business? Request one in the contact form.

Making the campaign more visible helps and spreading our stickers around is a good way to do this. Putting up a yard sign to show support helps even more. 

Record a testimonial and we will upload them to our YouTube site and share what you have to say about the condition of CCSD and the performance of the school board. Click here to send us a link to your video.

If you would like to volunteer to help out at campaign events or with other tasks, fill out the contact form. We will get back with you and let you know how we can use your special and unique skills to FIX VEGAS SCHOOLS!


Do you Live in District G?


The easiest way to make a difference for the campaign is to make a contribution. Your contributions will be used to print more signs and buy ads to get the word out that we are going to FIX VEGAS SCHOOLS.

Even if all you have to offer the campaign is prayers and best wishes, we are accepting them 24/7. You can dispatch these via your preferred method.

Use kc@kcfornevada.com for donations to both PayPal and Zelle or to inquire about other ways to donate.