"CCSD is in Crisis"


for School Board


District G


As the father of a neurodiverse first grader in District G, I intend to demand reform in the Clark County School District (CCSD). Currently elected officials are not representing the students, the teachers, or the parents. Instead, they are only representing themselves and I propose this changes now!

By electing me to represent District G in the CCSD School Board I will insist on changes that will:

  • Enrich Our Students
  • Empower Our Teachers
  • Engage Our Parents
  • Enlist Our Community and
  • Eliminate Excess Spending

I’m not in this race for myself, I am earnestly fighting for my child’s future and for the education of all CCSD students. I will do everything I can to FIX VEGAS SCHOOLS.


Fire Arms Confiscated
Sexual Assaults
Violent Acts

Reported in CCSD Schools, August 2021 - April 2022

Crisis of Education | Crisis of Safety | Crisis of Leadership


In the 2020-2021 term, my son’s kindergarten year, I witnessed firsthand the damage that decisions made by the current CCSD School Bord did to our children’s education, socialization, and mental health. The elected members of the school board did not seek to protect our children, only their own liability but who is liable now?

The failure of the CCSD to meet our children’s needs didn’t start with the pandemic though. It has a long history of overspending, under producing, blacklisting qualified teachers, and falling short of benchmarks critical to their students’ future success.

My son deserves better. Your children deserve better. Las Vegas deserves better. It’s time to hold the CCSD accountable. Vote out board members who are gambling with our children’s future.


If elected I intend to do whatever it takes to guarantee our children the best possible education. I don’t claim to have all the answers but as a systems engineer I have extensive experience in analyzing processes that don’t work and problem-solving solutions that make broken systems effective and efficient.

Plan of Action

Finding the solution requires asking the questions the current administration doesn’t want to answer. I’m ready to ask those questions so CCSD can begin to:

  • Evaluate effectiveness of current technology software for ROI and adjust as needed
  • Offer additional mental health education and resources to students and families
  • Vote to redistribute administration raises to teachers and classroom resources
  • Reevaluate files of blacklisted teachers and rehire qualified educators
  • Improve functionality or replace flawed communication software
  • Coordinate technology instruction for parents to learn how to use communication and digital school software
  • Reach out to local employers to provide PTO for parents to volunteer at schools
  • Initiate internship programs for students to integrate vocationally into local businesses
  • Follow the money
  • Trim the fat


I’m Kenneth C. Freels, but I’ve been KC since I was a kid.

My father was a soldier and my mother taught English. I was raised across the south, as my father was in the Special Forces, and he moved between duty stations often. I finished school outside Atlanta, GA. I was in the High School Republican club, and I’ve been a lifelong conservative and Christian.

I went to college the first time in Nashville, TN, and have spent my career in the IT field. I owned my own business, Nashville Office Solutions, from 2007 until June of 2018, when I relocated to Las Vegas due to my wife’s health. Nina had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and she was far more comfortable in the dry air. Nina passed away in September of that year, but I never left Las Vegas. I fell in love with my new home.

I started working on a new degree here at the College of Southern Nevada, which I will receive in May. I work as a Systems Engineer and Project Manager for a local company, supplying service and support to computers and networks for businesses across southern Nevada.

I met a wonderful woman here that I married on Tuesday,  2-22-22. I have a seven year old son who’s in first grade and my primary motivation for running for school board and one that is 21 who lives in Nashville. Heather, my wife, has 2 sons, 18 and 20.


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